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Electronics Clean room

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Challenge for environment
Which process should be paid the most attention in terms of avoiding contamination, glass substrate processing, cleaning, ACF or COG? cleanliness Class has reached the standard, why is that there are still pollutants on the products? With the same techniques and environment condition, why is that our energy consumption is higher? How to design a clean room that is most energy-saving, cost-effective and high-efficient? At the same time, we want to reduce the operation cost, how to make it?
We will take all of the aspects into consideration when planning a clean room. With many years’ experience and in-depth research on manufacturing environment of electronics Clean room, we know very well the key point to control environment in the electronics Clean room manufacturing. Energy-saving is a key point to consider in our systematic proposal. We are able to provide cleanroom package solutions including cleaning of personnel and goods, cleanroom air- condition system, cleanroom decoration system, energy-saving renovation, water and electrical system planning, ultra-pure gas pipe system, cleanroom monitoring, cleanroom maintenance, etc.



Business scope



Design requirement for AHUs in dust-free IC rooms:
●Sufficient strength , Sufficient pressure-bearing capacity
●Easy for daily maintenance, Continuously run for a year
●High dust-holding capability
●Low resistance can remove 0.1~0.5 um dust particles.
●Corrosion-proof treatment for all components
●Baking finish for the fan, the motor has variable frequencies.
●Temperature and humidity can be adjusted intelligently.

Configuration description:
●high air flow 
●high static pressure.
●Baking finish for the fan to prevent corrosion.
●Special design ensure that the unit can run stably in a long period.
●three-level filter
●higher dust-holding capacity
●lower resistance.
●Unhoused centrifugal fan
●Prevent contamination.
●Fan speed is adjusted in real time to ensure stable air pressure.
●Multiple constant temperature and humidity control solutions are available.
●AHUs can be design and configured based on field process requirements
●Provide BMS third-party disclosure agreement

Note: The above configuration is for reference only. The actual configuration of all units must be based on specific customer  requirements. For details, please contact Airkey.

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